Hey y’all!  My name is Jules. I’m a writer, single gal, bourbon enthusiast, INFJ, girl golfer and corporate refugee (now transformed into a happy freelancer) making my way through life and traveling solo.  I’m also usually obsessing over any number of things (because INFJ).

I moved to LA in 1998. After graduating from Texas Tech University with a degree in Journalism, I was living in Fort Worth, Texas (where I grew up), and working at a boutique PR agency. Looking to make a big change, I was exploring opportunities from San Francisco to Alaska. I never actually considered LA … until a friend called me out of the blue about a job. And I accepted. Immediately. Two weeks later the movers packed me up and I was on my way to LA (a city I’d never visited).  It was a huge risk, which was all part of the adventure. I drove to California with my two cats (RIP Bear and Muffin) and we started a new chapter.

I moved directly to Venice Beach, right to the very heart of the crazy boardwalk. I wanted the experience, and I got it!  I lived there for almost eight years, surrounded by surfers, tourists, drum circles, celebrities, homelessness … and Swedes, all while I navigated long hours and travel in agency and corporate jobs.  Today I live in Redondo Beach, known as the South Bay of LA.

But before I moved to California to start a shiny new chapter, I found my entire birth family (I was adopted at birth).  You can read about that odyssey here.

What’s Next?

stick-to-your-gunsIn 2011, thinking about new chapters again, I bought some property in Angel Fire, New Mexico. Some day soon I’m going to start building my dream home. It’s going to happen any minute now, I keep telling myself. I don’t know what I’m waiting for — maybe for my lotto ticket to hit and my Pinterest board to simply manifest itself into a house. My goal is to split my time between the City of Angels and Angel Fire (apparently I can only live in places that have the word “angel” in them), but I’m still trying to figure out how to make it happen (c’mon lotto).

So that’s basically the whole point of this blog, and what Juleslandia actually is … that place in-between. It’s the new chapter that’s coming, the old chapter that’s closing, and all the things I’m doing to turn each page of my story — despite the obstacles, embracing the unexpected twists and turns.

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