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Okay, it wasn’t really an 18-month vacation because I actually did set up my own business (and now freelance with some amazing clients), but it’s the other stuff I did that really counts.

Terranea Golf Course

In early 2014, I lost a long-term corporate job. It sucked and was scary as hell, but turned into a big fat catalyst (after the dust settled). I took time to transform my life during the following year-and-a-half. I got busy doing stuff. And I’m not talking about cleaning out closets (tho, I did some of that too). I mean DOING stuff that made me happy, gave me a new perspective and got my introvert self out into the world … and out of my comfort zone.

  1. First, I finally put two years of golf lessons to use and started actually PLAYING golf.  Not just watching Jordan, Zach and Jason on TV, and not just going to the driving range. I’m now a real golfer. And I’m not half bad on a good day. (Not counting the tee-shot mulligans and four-putts, of course)
  2. I went to a lot of lunches with friends — old-school lunches that lasted two hours or more, and included cocktails and loud, boisterous laugher. Life should be filled with lunches like that.
  3. I traveled. I visited family and friends, as well as the empty lot of my future New Mexico dream home several times. In search of highlanders, I traveled to Scotland for Hogmanay (the Scottish New Year celebration) and England for Christmas (London and Somerset to be exact). I had a most excellent girls’ weekend in New Orleans with two of my life-long besties, and lived it up the Bay Area more times than I can now count.
  4. I got organized. When I say organized, I mean I got my proverbial shit together.  I set up a will and trust and digitized everything in my home. (I’ll be sharing detail on how I did that, so stay tuned)
  5. I binge watched a lot of great TV. I’m talking four seasons of The Walking Dead in four days. It was FANTASTIC … until I started to resemble a zombie near the end of that marathon.
  6. I became part of a weekly Game Night with some of the best neighbors around. Cards Against Humanity is our guilty pleasure, and inappropriate hilarity always ensues. (Don’t judge me)
  7. And finally, I started a new journey learning mma-style self-defense with veteran UFC fighter, John Marsh, all-around badass and incredible coach. Why didn’t I do this 30 years ago? If you want to feel empowered and confident, learn to fight.

Those are a few highlights of the good times, but there also were some dark patches, including an epic “breakup” of movie-of-the-week proportions (an utterly fantastic case study of narcissistic discard, and a now famous, and rather hilarious, you-better-get-a-drink-first story among my friends). I put breakup in quotes above because I’m just not sure if getting tangled up with a pathological narcissist actually qualifies as a real relationship. If you have any insight on that, please share!


So here we are, almost two years later, and I’m glad it all played out exactly the way it did (lots of gratitude). I made stronger friendships and quietly closed the door on others, and I learned a lot about myself.

But the biggest realization of all … (cue Rocky music) … was that I am a FIGHTER!

xox, Jules


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